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From the High Bar...

Updated: May 5, 2020

...onto my back. Shocking, I know. Do you want me to stop doing my sport?

I'll ask you this. Do we treat a young person differently when they risk or actually suffer an injury as opposed to 59 year old? You may not think so, you don't judge. Or do you?

I feel like I need to answer and be accountable for my health, my ability to stay safe, and my athletic choices - to others. And this feeling gets stronger as I age. I care so deeply for my friends and family I do not want to worry them.

Whether you love running, working with dogs, riding horses or doing gymnastics, there are risks. Sometimes it goes a little wrong or a lot wrong. But we're all in this together and as my friends point out below, following your heart isn't easy.

Seventy-seven year old running friend after falling hard on his face running on a trail last month. "I hate to fall running. My family is going to bug me again to stop running."

Sixty-five year old working hair dresser. "After a broken arm from tripping over my German Shepherd I felt so bad, like they were coming for my car keys or something."

Fifty-three year old massage therapist. "I fell off my horse so many times one day while learning to jump him in an arena, eventually spraining my ankle pretty bad. I kept putting more and more pressure on myself because of my age and the younger people that were there with me."

Fifty-nine year old gymnast (Me!) after falling off the high bar in gymnastics. "I felt really guilty for scaring my coach and another coach nearby. It was like I was ashamed of myself for what I was doing because of how I could worry others."

Do I have a responsibility to stay in one piece, not trip and fall, not do an extreme sport, and not fall off the bars? Well, sure. Are the things I am exploring the same things that make my heart sing? Yes. Should I only do this if I am guaranteed I will never get hurt? NO! There are no guarantees in anything. I know someone who broke her ankle stepping off a curb.

Can I break this glass ceiling without getting hurt? Yes. Fall upwards friends.

Oh, and check out what I was doing when I fell.*

*The fall is not shown here. My hands peeled off while I was doing the little swing and I fell flat on my back. I didn't get hurt at all and am thankful to my awesome coach for all my training and strength in my core. Pretty good pull ups though!

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