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  • Sherrie Martin

Walking Away the COVID Blues

Were do I start?

I was out for a walk with Boo Boo because I hadn't run since July when I tore my arch in gymnastics. Anyway, I went out for a walk on a February morning in Scottsdale and thought, what if I just stay out here? No, that would be weird. And then I thought about it again. Really, what else was on my schedule? Nothing. There was no COVID issue yet, I was bored and my business was still closed from a fire in October. I was pretending to live semi-retired and I didn't like it at all. So my 2 dogs and I stayed outside for a 3 hour walk, making about 8 miles.

That was it. Now I knew I could do it. And I knew the dogs could do it too.

For the next month we walked every day. Most days we walked 4 or 5 miles and once a week we walked 7-8 miles. Just like running, sort of. One long walk a week.

Then COVID hit.

But by this time we were already walking every day, some days for 90 minutes some days for 3 hours, sometimes more. Boo Boo and I have walked through rain, snow, mud, sun, wind, Arizona and Washington. The walking strengthened me quite a bit and my foot can now handle a little running each week as well. What a pleasant surprise. And the 5 mile walks? They are a piece of cake, doesn't even seem that long anymore. Pat (my husband) and Sophie (our German Shepherd) walk with us too. I must say, it is easier to have someone else with you. At this point, it's a part of our day, like dinner. In the evening we ask each other, where do you want to walk or hike tomorrow? What time?

Just like everything else I have ever done in my life. All the small parts add up to such a great big beautiful piece. And this one all happened from walking.

Every. Single. Day.

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