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"At the age of 12, while sitting in my first ever health education class,  I decided all I wanted

to be was healthy.  Finishing college with a Bachelor's of Science in Health Education, began

my life-long quest of health, fitness and performance."

Sherrie Martin

If you show up, it’s a matter of time. I think you have the time. I think you have all the time you need.

Because if you are wondering how I got here and how I got so far, and I am just like you, I just kept

showing up. Like the saying goes, hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into years. I have been showing up for years.

I started learning a kip at age 51. I got my kip at age 54. I mastered my glide kip at age 64. It is bliss. Here is a video from a competition as a 65 year old.
65 Year Old Gymnast Video Link

Need help finding your bliss, your hobby, or your intrinsic value?  Look back.  You've had it all this time.


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