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  • Sherrie Martin

My World Record Attempt

Of all my talents and skills, it seems I may go for a world record in the most unlikely of categories, bubble gum blowing. If the 10,000 times rule applies, I am there X2 or 20 or something. If the number of crowns in my mouth is a testament of my early years of practice chewing bubble gum, I am there on that as well.

As a youngster my cousin and I took handfuls of bazooka bubble gum from my grandparents corner store into the house and held a contest. Who could fit the most pieces in their mouth. I won. At 28 pieces I was sort of chewing, drooling and feeling sick to my stomach from the sugar. But I was not able to form any type of bubble. I do believe that was the beginning of my bubble gum blowing career.

Some people say it's the amount of gum that makes the bubble bigger. Considering I may be an expert at this,

I'm going to assert that's not true.

Twenty-eight pieces is not possible unless you

have a mouth of a rhinoceros.

Time passes. But my bubble gum memories carry on. Entertaining

my infant son with huge bubbles in the 80s. Teasing my crazed Border Collie in the 90s. And just 3 years ago entertaining my grand daughter with monster bubbles. We have a new grand baby now, soon she'll enjoy my entertainment as well.

Recently, I have been trying to enlargen (don't think that's a word) my bubbles to at least the size of my torso. My new method is working and I am progressing nicely. Next I think I'll try to get the bubbles bigger than me, or my car, or something.

Check out the videos below and follow my progress. Or go directly to my youtube channel at

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